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Our Story

Durban, Makhana, Johannesburg. The cities that taught me how to love. Love people, things as well as the lack thereof and most importantly, myself... I would adore nothing more than for this brand to do the same thing for you my darling, Beloved.

Johannesburg South Africa
Hands Holding Beads

Inspired By

The beauty of (f)aer,em,her,per,him, them,ver,xim and hir. All of us. 

This is for the people that love their hair, hijabis, people who don't care about their hair and for people who want to cut it all off when they're going through something. 

And for the first thing that I learned to love about myself. My hair. My darling. Habibti.

Blue and Gold Sari

"I am the spirit of my hair, it's all the glory that I bare"

- Hair by Lady Gaga (2011)